How to get your Twitter account verified (crossing fingers)

By Paula Wethington / @WethingtonPaula

This particular headline from NextWeb got a LOT of attention today from a social media managers board on Facebook. Twitter is starting to take applications for verified account requests. Yes, here’s the link to look up the procedures on

A detail that isn’t explained until you get started is that both individual and corporate accounts need to provide links to at least two websites that will help “identify this user.”

It also will insist on a phone number to be linked – even to a corporate account – before you can proceed with that application. But don’t panic! Twitter says you can have up to 10 accounts linked on a phone number. (Whew!)

Then it’s time to make your pitch: “Tell us why this account should be verified. Limit 500 characters.”

I filed a request for my primary Twitter account, and we’ll see what happens.

THE UPDATE: I got a “not at this time” message within 48 hours of that first attempt! Made a second attempt in February 2017, also a “not at this time.” And in the fall, I wasn’t able to get our company accounts verified. I am not real happy about trying to figure out what Twitter is looking for.

In the meantime, I have hundreds of pins relating to social media strategies, on my Pinterest account, including a Twitter board. Go take a peek.


Author: Paula Wethington

Paula Wethington works on the digital side of journalism for The Monroe News in Monroe, Michigan.

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